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Fresh Gulf Shrimp

For over twenty years, Riviera Reds Seafood has been shipping fresh, wild caught shrimp across the country. Our shrimp arrive at your door carefully packed in a styrofoam-lined box, and dry ice is used to keep your product fully frozen. Riviera Reds shrimp are unique because they are individually quick frozen (IQF) while still on the shrimp boat! Order a large bag, but use only what you need. Our loyal customers tell us that ordering from Riviera Reds Seafood assures them not only ease of use, but always execeptional quality. Try us today and you will agree!

Along with our headless, shell-on shrimp, we also offer peeled and deveined shrimp that take all the hassle out of preparation. We also offer breaded shrimp which comes to you ready to fry, as well as shrimp stuffed with our delicious local blue crab meat.

Don't miss our flagship headless, shell-on shrimp, the U/10 Texas Prawn! Awfully big, yet tender and juicy. Try it now!

Headless Shell-On
This is it! Fresh, wild-caught Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp! Various sizes to choose from, all individually frozen and headless with the shell on. Order our standard 5.5 lb. bag and use only as many as you need. So convenient!
Peeled & Deveined
Highly coveted for their ease of preparation, our peeled and deveined shrimp are cleaned for you and have the tails on for added sophistication!
Breaded Shrimp
Nothing could be easier than serving Riviera Reds Breaded Shrimp. Fully frozen, pre-breaded, jumbo shrimp ready to fry. So delicious!
Stuffed Shrimp
These savory jumbo shrimp stuffed with an amazing Blue Crab dressing are breaded and ready to fry. Use them as an appetizer or main course. Impressively large and delicious, they are sure to be a hit!